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Financial services has grown with sophistication in the areas of customer acquisition, merchant management and risk based pricing. Both customers and merchants demand their products and services be delivered online. We have technology that can help to properly assess risk and present the right product at the right time

How We Do It

We work with your e-commerce systems as well as your CRM tools to implement not only strategies but technology to help you and your merchants to quickly onboard clients with confidence.

Why It Is Better

From customer onboarding technology and algorithm to vender management, we execute your custom strategy with our latest technology that plugs right into your sales, marketing and e-commerce applications.

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Risk Management

We specialize in

We specialize in identity fraud risk and credit risk. Identity fraud easily consists of 15% of total charge off. MaxDecisions implement the latest identity KYC/KYB technology and algorithms to help you to reduce fraud.


With data, technology

With data, technology and machine learning algorithms, we reduce cost per acquisition, increase your response rate. Whether you are buying internet leads or delivering pre-screened direct mail, we have the latest technology to help you to increase your market penetration.

Credit Risk Modelling

Credit risk can no

Credit risk can no longer be controlled with a few simple rules. Our machine learning algorithm delivered through our decision engine can mine through thousands of variables in real time to provide a 360 degree view of your prospects and customers.

Identity Fraud

Proof of life is here to

Proof of life is here to stay and there are new technology and strategies to help you differentiate bots vs a real prospect thats looking for your product and services. MaxDecisions can deliver a real time, interactive KYC/KYB tool for your small business and consumer facing credit business.

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10 Ways To Boost Your Direct Mail Campaign

21st Jan 2022


I wrote this blog back in 2015 to help our clients with some tools they can use right away to boost their direct mail campaign. As I evolve as an marketing analytics professional, I constantly revisit this direct mail marketing blog and adding more insights to the top 10 list!

For Immediate Release: MaxDecisions, Inc. Expands Into New Headquarters – Mckinney, TX

21st Jan 2022


MaxDecicisons™, is a leader in analytics and predictive modeling, today announced the expansion into a brand new headquarters in McKinney, TX. As we continually grow our business and industry coverage, we needed space and additional data and physical security to support our expansion.

How We Hacked “FICO” Score in 30 Minutes

21st Jan 2022


FICO score is probably the widely know credit risk score that everyone in the industry uses. Whether it is used to grant credit, approval for a rental agreement, there is no avoiding the infamous credit score.

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“Our State by State lending strategy was complicated to manage internally. MaxDecisions team took it over and made it super easy for us to manage all 12 states.”

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