Matthew Maisberger

Maruthi Nandan PulletikurthiA.I. & Machine Learning Intern

Matthew Maisberger
areas of expertise
  • Big Data Modeling
  • Machine Learning Algorithms 
  • Data Exploration and Analytics
  • Python, R, Power BI, Tableau and SQL Certified
  • Ph.D Candidate, Physics. University of Texas as Dallas, Texas 
  • B.S. & M.S. Physics. University of Texas as Dallas, Texas

Matthew is currently a Ph.D candidate in physics from University of Texas at Dallas. He’s completed his maters and bachelors degree in physics at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Matthew has excellent experience with simulations, big data, and machine learning. Matthew published in the APS Physics Journal “Time-reversal-invariant spin-orbit-coupled bilayer Bose-Einstein condensates”. Please see link below for his publication.

Matthew will be joining our A.I. & Machine Learning team to further our software development assets.


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