Portfolio Management

MaxDecisions, Inc. offers a full range of life cycle portfolio management services. We offer fraud detection and prevention strategies and models as well as underwriting and pricing algorithm for both small business and consumer lending industry.

Range of services

Direct Mail Services
Lead Generation
1st / 2nd / 3rd Party Fraud
Credit Risk Underwriting
ID and Income Verification

MaxDecisions Inc. Detailed Offerings:

Our programs are engineered to focus on the following areas:

  • Marketing: Direct Mail, Pay Per Click, Search Engine Management
  • Fraud Control: 1st Party, 2nd Party and Third Party Fraud Prevention
  • Credit Risk Management: Rule, Credit Risk Models, FPD Analysis
  • Verification & Manual Underwriting: Models & Automation, Scaling Solutions
  • Product Management: Installment Loans and Open Ended Line of Credit
  • Customer Retention: Marketing, Product Mix, Cross Sell, Pricing & Terms

Portfolio Success Circle

  • Customer Acquisition
  • Underwriting and Pricing
  • Verification and Operations

Marketing, Underwriting, Pricing and Operations are four key areas of any successful portfolio. Constantly monitoring your Cost Per Funded Loan, First Payment Default, Marginal Contribution and Roll Rate Analysis is the key to your portfolio’s success.

Well tuned portfolio should have low default rates and high conversion rates

  • Conversion Rate (%)
  • First Payment Default Rate (%)

Risk Management Crash Course: "Understanding Fraud"

  • 1st Party Fraud is largely related to willingness to pay
  • MaxDecisions, Inc. has helped our clients to identify ”straight rollers” in their population and developed many FPD (First Payment Default) and EPD (Early Payment Default) models to control losses
  • We sample across credit bureaus (prime and alternative) to detect any early payment default behaviors

Agency Fraud or Lead Generator Fraud is historically difficult to manage. There are a few data bureaus in the industry that can detect bursts of applications within a certain amount of time which we can leverage to protect our clients from taking fake applications and/or buying applications from LeadGens without customer’s consent.

  • 3rd Party Fraud or identity fraud is the most prevalent type of fraud encountered by our clients
  • There are fortunately products and services that can help us to deflect third party fraud attempts. Product such as device identification, mobile geolocation, identity triangulation, and many other variations of these tools
  • We have worked with most traditional 3rd Party Fraud prevention tools as well as newer social media based firms that provide behavioral and psychographic information.

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