MaxDecisions Enhanced Credit Attributes

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MaxDecisions Enhanced Credit Attributes

MaxDecisions, Inc. has engineered a set of enhanced attributes with respect to all prime and subprime lenders that can help you take advantage of what you’re purchasing today. We spent the past few years combing through thousands of variables and attributes from reports our clients are purchasing today and made a set of attributes that works better for our consumer and small business lending clients. These attributes are hand made and standardized across all bureaus and you can write rule or build models against them right away.

Get More From What You Are Paying Now

Let’s first understand what you’re buying today. Most of our clients purchase a human readable credit report through either a PDF or through XML. There are portion of the report that’s easily readable by an underwriter. However the non-human readable portion of your credit report is a gold mine. MaxDecisions can find patterns in these trade lines and provide additional intelligence that your competitors wouldn’t have access to.

Powerful Attributes and Rules Are Right In Front of You

MaxDecisions, Inc. has developed scripts and code that can extract all of the valuable information from a standard credit report and manipulate them into variables that are meaningful and insightful for our lenders. We also help our clients to write even more powerful rules and build more robust models to reduce fraud and increase profitability. Whether if you are using three prime bureau’s standard report or subprime credit bureaus, we can provide hundreds of other attributes that gives you additional fire power.

What You Will Get

  • If you’ve purchased enhanced credit attributes: We will extract this information from your XMLs and provide structured data for reporting and rule, model building.
  • If you’ve only purchased standard credit reports: We can provide structured and summarized data from trade line level data per each applicant. These sets of summarized and structured data could be leverage to develop powerful underwriting rules
  • Additional trade line Data: Within each trade line, there are a treasure trove of information with respect to detailed payment behaviors that can be organized and summarized. Again, these insights will provide additional guidance in improving your underwriting criteria.

Whether you purchased standard or enhanced attributes, there are a ton of insight waiting to be uncovered. You’re paying for them now, why not get more out of what you already have?

Whether you’ve purchased standard credit report or enhanced attributes from your credit bureau, MaxDecisions has an additional sets of variables that can help you to gain an edge in underwriting. Unlock the full potential of your credit bureau reports today.

Credit Report Data Success Circle

  • Human Readable Format
  • Machine Readable XML
  • Enhanced Attributes from MaxDecisions

Fraud, First Payment Default and Early Payment Default needs to be controlled and constantly monitored to ensure profitability.

XML Data Extraction & MaxDecisions Enhanced Attributes

Our clients greatly benefited from MaxDecisions insight into their existing credit bureau feed. We have worked with most of the prime and subprime bureaus to further refine the reported information to give our clients a lift in performance.

  • Hundreds of additional credit attributes that’s been tested
  • MaxDecisions Enhanced Credit Attributes goes beyond standard trade line information
  • We transform unusable unstructured data into organized readable format so our clients can write enhanced rules
  • Clients doesn’t have to purchase additional information from credit bureaus.

MaxDecisions Enhanced Credit Attributes

MaxDecisions is now providing additional enhanced attributes from the bureau reports you are purchasing today. These set of attributes can be customized for your portfolio. Why not get more with what you have? We can help you to parse through thousands of XMLs and find gems within these reports that you paid for and write even more powerful rules to help you with fraud and credit risk.

The biggest banks in the United States such has Citi Bank or JPMorgan Chase have all engaged consumer credit bureaus to derive their own set of credit attributes that no other competitors have. These attributes are tuned to their portfolio and they work better than standard attributes or credit reports smaller competitors can purchase. MaxDecisions is bringing this capabilities to you, our clients. These enhanced attributes will provide a lift to your portfolio and it’s been sitting right in front of you.

It costs our clients nothing. You are already paying for these reports from the credit bureaus. MaxDecisions, Inc delivered code and scripts for you to implement these attributes and they are yours. We can also help you to build and test custom attributes that fit your portfolio.

Credit Risk Management

Enhanced Credit Attributes are the fundamental blocks of unleash the power of your credit report. These attributes can help you to see consumer performance over time, aggregate certain trade lines, discover linear or non-linear relationships from seemingly unrelated variables. Here are some reading material on enhanced attributes:

Roll Rate Analysis

  • 30 Days Past Due to 60 Days Past Due
  • 60 Days Past Due to 90 Days Past Due

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