Direct Mail Solutions

MaxDecisions, Inc. offers a one stop shop to manage your direct mail campaigns. We help our clients from sourcing data, manage rules and models to reporting on responders and manage default rates. We’ve worked with prime and subprime small business and consumer lending companies across the country.

MaxDecision’s dedicated staff are well versed in direct mail management. We are familiar with datasets and attributes from all prime and subprime credit bureaus. We have experience in FCRA and non-FCRA data. We help our clients to develop custom risk and response model to optimize both cost per funded loans and defaults.

Direct Mail Success Circle

  • Risk Model
  • Response Model
  • Measure and Re-Optimize

The key to any successful direct mail campaign is to strike a balance between risk and responsiveness. A well balance campaign can produce low cost per funded loan and a low default rate. After a few campaigns, a re-optimized model is needed to further enhance your direct mail campaign performance.

7 Checkpoints Before Launching Your Direct Mail Campaign

Our clients are often surprised by some of the subtleties we present to them. Here are 7 checkpoints before launching your next direct mail campaign:

  • Volume: Campaign should have enough volume to gain meaningful insights
  • Data: Use FCRA and Non-FCRA data, avoid using demographics
  • Firm Offer of Credit: is always better in terms of response rate
  • Use Multiple Credit Bureaus: Each bureau has unique coverage
  • Conduct A/B Testing whenever possible
  • Response Model should be paired with a risk model to control for defaults
  • Build a landing page with the same look and feel of your direct mail creative.

MaxDecisions, Inc. Direct Mail Offering

One simple pricing that includes:

  • Creative Design, Print & Ship
  • Credit Bureau Relationship Management
  • Direct Mail Risk & Response Modeling
  • Response Tracking and Reporting
  • Combined experience of 150 million pieces of direct mail sent
  • MaxDecisions Inc. provides customized risk and response models for every client
  • Every customer gets custom re-optimized modeling treatment
  • Pre-negotiated fixed pricing so there’s no surprises

$0.47 to $0.64 depending on volume include the following:

  • Credit Bureau Data including over 500 attributes
  • Create Design Team working with you to find the right look and feel
  • USPS Commingle or Standard  shipment
  • MaxDecisions Inc. engineers and statisticians to work with you to create a tailor made risk and response model
  • We can help to you manage your direct mail campaign from A to Z
  • Transparent, pre-negotiated pricing
  • Industry experts that understands your target cost per funded loan
  • MaxDecisions, Inc. will work with you to achieve highest conversion

Direct mail turnkey solution

We have a well researched team of direct mail campaign management team that helps upstart lenders and matured lenders alike to launch or relaunch their direct mail campaign. If you want to control the ownership of prospect, direct mail is the only way to get to the audience you want and start cultivate their relationship on your own. Here are some articles relating to direct mail campaigns.

Response Rate vs. Default Rate

  • Default Rate (%)
  • Response Rate (bps)

Looking for a First-Class Direct Mail Consultant?

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