MaxDecisions Enhanced Credit Attributes

MaxDecisions, Inc. has engineered a set of enhanced attributes with respect to all prime and subprime lenders that can help you take advantage of what you’re purchasing today. We spent the past few years combing through thousands of variables and attributes from reports our clients are purchasing today and made a set of attributes that works better for our consumer and small business lending clients. These attributes are hand made and standardized across all bureaus and you can write rule or build models against them right away.

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Metro 2 – Credit Bureau Reporting

Whether you are working with a prime or subprime bureau. Credit Reporting Agencies (CRAs) all require members to report performance of each individual loan, line of credit, mortgages, credit cards or any other forms of credit being offered to the individual consumers.

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Direct Mail Solutions

MaxDecisions, Inc. has delivered over 150 million pieces of direct mail for many online consumer and small business lenders alike. Let us help you to develop your own organic marketing channel.

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Portfolio Management

MaxDecisions, Inc. offers a full range of life cycle risk management services. We offer fraud detection and prevention strategies and models as well as underwriting and pricing algorithm for both small business and consumer lending industry.

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Online Marketing

Online marketing channels is proven to be a successful source of customers if managed correctly. We offer a wide range of SEM, PPC and E-mail marketing services for our clients.

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Credit Risk Management

We live in the world of data now; data allows us to make realistic decisions about the future. No risk department or data science team can claim to have completed its work unless they have completely understood the source of their credit risk. MaxDecisions, Inc helps clients identity the true source of First and Early Payment Default and long term credit risk.

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Verification and Manual Underwriting

Identity, bank account and income verification are the hallmarks of a disciplined lending practice. With the advent of many automated verification technologies and especially cell phone cameras, our clients increasingly demand automation.

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