Portfolio Reporting

Automated portfolio and investor reports

Metro2 Reporting

CDIA certified Metro2 reporting services

Operational Reporting

Daily, weekly operational reports

Daily reports
Timely delivery
Portfolio reports
Marketing reports
Collections reports
LeadGen reports

Metro2 reporting

We are CDIA certified. Call us for your bureau reporting needs. We work with all major credit bureaus.

  • Monthly reporting
  • Metro2 format validation
  • e-OSCAR support available.

  • Metro2 reporting
  • Marketing Reports

    Direct mail and Leadgen daily report available

    • First Payment Default reports
    • Response and Conversion reports
    • Collections reports

  • Marketing Reports
  • Analytics Reports

    Model governance reporting and portfolio health reporting

    • Returning customers and VIP performance
    • Model stability reporting
    • Leadgen price reject reporting

  • Analytics Reports
    • Metro2 reporting

      We are certified by CDIA to produce Metro2 reporting to all credit bureaus. Our staff is ready to produce monthly Metro2 reports. We can also support you with your e-OSCAR needs.

      Beyond reporting

      Reports are only half of the battle. We provide insights and analytics to help you calibrate your underwriting as well as operational practices.

      Loss Forecasting

      Often, our client's investors need portfolio forecasting taking in multiple factors. We developed the capabilities to simulate and forecast revenue and cashflow of your entire portfolio.

      Risk Profile Reporting

      Knowing what's happening with your first payment and early payment default is one of the biggest indicators of your portfolio health. We provide data, reports, and insight into how to dial in these key performance indicators.

      Fraud Reporting

      Whether it's first, second, or third party fraud. We provide real-time fraud reports to stop the bleeding as soon as possible.

      LeadGen Reporting

      We provide reports to detect any issues within the entire lead buy process. Duplicates, fraud, incorrect bidding strategy. We will help you dial in your optimal lead buy strategy.

      Turning reporting into analytics with context and insight

      Metro2 Credit Bureau Reporting


      Portfolio Management Reporting


      Marketing Reporting


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      MaxDecisions provides full reporting and analytical services.
      We can design reports that will provide the insights you need to drive your lending portfolio.