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Metro2 credit reporting


Metro2 process is a process in which lenders and financial services report to major and subprime credit bureaus. The reporting process is rigorous and tedious. MaxDecisions is certified to process Metro2 files on behalf of lenders and financial services.

We built custom software to convert a lender's loan and line of credit products into Metro2 format. We provide end to end services to help lenders to process, package, and transmit Metro2 formatted file to credit bureaus.

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  • Metro2 credit reporting
  • Metro2 format CDIA
  • e-OSCAR support
  • Metro2 file processing

Accurate credit bureau reporting using Metro2 format is the most important aspect of running a financial services company.

MaxDecisions provide turnkey Metro2 services from loan performance and servicing data to CDIA approved Metro2 reporting to all major and subprime credit bureaus.

On a monthly basis, every lender and financial services company is required to report their loan performance back to the credit bureaus. Sometimes, new lenders and financial services companies are just starting out and they aren't required to report immediately. However, after a few months and more than a few hundred loans, lenders must report consumer's tradeline behavior back to the credit bureaus.

MaxDecisions provide a full end to end turnkey Metro2 credit reporting services to financial services and lenders.

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