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A large personal finance company has been buying leads from their organic SEO and SEM campaigns. They would like to start buying leads from other sources. MaxDecisions managed the entire process from signing up online lead generators to integration to MaxDecisions' lead box. As well as implementing a lead buying strategy with a prime and subprime credit bureau. The entire project was delivered under two week and the client is seeing thousands of lead a day.

  • Online Lead Generator
  • High-speed underwriting
  • Full underwriting waterfall
  • Works with multiple LeadGens

MaxDecisions provides full LeadGen service.

MaxDecisions provides full leadgen service from underwriting rules and pricing strategy to integration with all online lead generators.

Real-time underwriting

Lead generators don't wait around. You have to respond within a few seconds. Otherwise, they are moving on and sending their customer to someone else. Our decision engine is designed to have the fastest response possible.

Maximum Lead Generation Control Panel.

Our Leadgen control gives our clients maximum control over the way they buy leads. From starting to stop time, quantity per campaign to holidays, and weekends. Our system provide maximum control for lenders to control their lead buy behavior.

Feedback loop is everything.

We provide a complete feedback loop to online lead generators so they can optimize their campaigns to bring the best customers to our clients. We've established a continuous feedback loop make lead buying a much better experience.

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