MaxDecisions: FICO 9 vs. Vantage 4 – The final verdict

    22nd Mar 2023

    Timothy Li

    Research Overview There’s been a 17 year debate between the predictive power of FICO score versus Vantage score since Vantage launched in 2006. There’s been many articles and research paper from various...

    MaxDecisions: US consumer credit FICO score drops as delinquency rises in 2023

    25th Jan 2023

    Timothy Li

    We tracked nearly 170 million US consumer over a period of 16 months from June 2021 to Oct 2022. MaxDecisions research staff have found that deep subprime, subprime or near prime US consumers have experienced a significant deterioration in their credit score due to inflation and unemployment. 

    How we approximated industry leading credit Score in 30 Minutes

    7th Nov 2022

    Timothy Li

    Credit score is probably the widely know credit risk score that everyone in the industry uses. Whether it is used to grant credit, approval for a rental agreement, there is no avoiding the infamous credit score.

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