Operations Research Analyst

Operations Research Analyst

594 days ago

Deadline 07/20/2022

Operations Research Analyst

Job Opening: Operations Research Analyst

Job ID#: ORA0421

Employer: MaxDecisions, LLC

Worksite: 2140 Lake Park Boulevard, Suite 107, Richardson, TX 75080 


Conduct big data extraction from various sources by Python and data manipulation to develop risk/credit/response models. Develop data marts of loan life cycle framework and generate loan application and payment performance reports by using SAS, Python and Pivot table in Excel. Implement portfolio financial analysis on performance in terms of total payment, principal paid, charge off, pay off, cumulative net loss percent and loss control charts. Develop algorithms for loan days-past-due calculations, analyze underwriting rules, perform roll rate analysis to define bad accounts for underwriting modeling and generate rule validation reports. Perform credit bureau reporting of consumer credit history and handle credit disputes in compliance with government regulations. Develop credit risk reports and performance reports for financial institutions.


  • Master’s degree in Information Technology and Management, Business Analytics or related quantitative field;

  • Familiar with big data software/system (Hadoop, HDFS) operations, ingesting and manipulating data using various dedicated big-data tools (Hive, Pig), and ability to perform distributed analytics programming with computer languages (Spark SQL, Python).

To apply, mail CV with Job ID#:ORA0421 to Nicole Houston, 400 Spectrum Center Drive, Suite 350, Irvine, CA 92618.

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