Risk Analyst

Risk Analyst

692 days ago

Deadline 07/20/2022

Risk Analyst

Job Opening: Risk Analyst (2 openings)

Job ID#: RA0513

Employer: MaxDecisions, LLC

Worksite: 2140 Lake Park Boulevard, Suite 107, Richardson, TX 75080 


Construct different levels of data marts of loan application, payment and collection and generate timely report to support the management team making business decisions. Perform data migration using ETL tools for customers moving to our online data management platform. Use Power BI and other data visualization tool generating performance reports to make decisions on controlling risk and optimizing portfolio performance. Handle consumers personal and loan payment information and convert them into standard Metro2 format for credit report to the major credit Bureau. Prepare loan performance analysis report for monitoring credit risk on loan status to provide early warning indicators to detect loans that will possibly default, and giving recommendations based on reporting, selection modeling and other ad-hoc analysis. Evaluate business data and determine the level of default risk, including calculation of first payment failure rate to identify loan repaying ability of customers and adjusting pricing rule accordingly.


Master’s degree in Information technology and management, business analytics or related quantitative field.

To apply, mail CV with Job ID#:RA0513 to Nicole Houston, 400 Spectrum Center Drive, Suite 350, Irvine, CA 92618.

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