About Us

MaxDecisions, Inc. founded in 2016 by two analytics and software engineering veterans dedicated to the integrity and excellence in analytics, marketing and risk management consulting for the online lending industry.

The founders of MaxDecisions, Inc. have decades of banking, financial services and online lending experience, both in consumer and small business lending. We have carefully cultivated a team of software engineers, data scientists, statisticians and mathematicians with specific knowledge in marketing analytics, fraud and credit risk management and portfolio and operational optimization.

Service to our clients is the most important aspect of our company. We don’t succeed until our clients achieves the best result. We have build up a client base solely based on referral. Our dedicated team is what defines us.


Why choose us

A.I. and Machine Learning Data & Analytics

Analytics is what drives our clients’ core businesses. Accurate data aggregation, portfolio reporting and real time access to marketing information is the hallmark a well run portfolio. We help our clients to navigate through complex sets. Our data, reporting and analytical servers are secured and encrypted to ensure the utmost confidentiality.

Credit Policies and Procedures

We are operating in an increasing complex compliance environment. From legal entity, business and lending licensing to customer contact and employee performance, every aspect of your lending operations need to be monitored constantly. We have Chief Compliance Officer services on stand by to build policies, monitor transactions and conduct on-site audits.

A.I. and Machine Learning-Driven Underwriting & Pricing Strategies

We worked with many prime and subprime personal and small business lenders on their unique pricing, term and line management structures. Every client has unique requirements, cost structure and risk tolerance. We work through complex simulations to give our client clarity into their portfolio performance.

Web-Based Loan Originations & Management Platform

MaxDecisions Inc. and it’s sister company has a state of the art web based loan originations and management system built specifically for online consumer and small business lenders. Our robust system is used by some of the biggest lenders in the U.S and around the world. The LOS and LMS is highly customizable that’s already connected with bureaus, payment portals and decision engines.

Algorithm Driven Lead Generation & Direct Mail

MaxDecisions, Inc. core competency is to conduct pre-approved, pre-selected FCRA “Fair Credit Reporting Act” regulated credit bureau data and Non-FCRA aggregated credit bureau consumer information. We work with all major credit bureaus to deploy best practice and custom selection models to produce the best responders with lowest Cost Per Funded loan.

Automation & Scale

We believe in a hybrid approach between automated underwriting and some level of human intervention. We help our clients to automate a portion of their lending operations so they can focus on the most important aspect, customer service. We quickly approve or defer applications and move precious human capital downstream to focus on profitable customers that needs attention. This is accomplished with a blend of statistical modeling and lending technologies.

Our mission

In 2016, MaxDecisions, Inc. was formed to combine best in class A.I, and Machine Learning analytical services with modern lending technology to help lenders to achieve automation and scalability. Our marketing, risk management and operational optimization services aim to decrease losses and increase conversion for our clients.

Since then, we have services over 100 clients world wide with two locations in Texas and California.

We know that each one of our clients have an unique approach to manage their portfolio and we strive to customize a solution for every portfolio. From product design to collections strategy, all of our solutions are tailored to our clients’ needs.

  • Accurate data reporting
  • Industry best practices
  • Focus on lowering defaults
  • Drive organic traffic
  • Lower cost per funded loan
  • Optimize risk based pricing

Our experience

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence 93%
Fraud Prevention and Credit Risk Modeling 89%
Lending Product Design 78%
Direct Mail and Email Marketing 74%

Our team

  • Norberto Rancharan

    A.I. & Machine Learning Intern

    Norberto is pursing a masters degree in financial engineering at the University of Texas, Dallas....

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  • Ankit Raina

    A.I. & Machine Learning Intern

    Ankit is a data enthusiast pursuing a master's degree in Business Analytics with an emphasis on...

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  • Matthew Maisberger

    A.I. & Machine Learning Intern

    Matthew has excellent experience with simulations, big data, and machine learning. Matthew published...

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  • Aditi Rane

    A.I. & Machine Learning Intern

    Aditi is currently pursuing Master's in Business Analytics from University of Texas at Dallas. She...

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  • Dora Cui

    A.I. & Machine Learning Intern

    Dora has excellent knowledge in advance statistical modeling, machine learning and data science...

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  • Maruthi Nandan Pulletkruthi

    A.I. & Machine Learning Intern

    Maruthi is well versed in several computer programming languages such as Python, Java, C# and jQuery....

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  • Iris Ma

    Data Analyst

    Iris has background from both business analytics and accounting. Iris is currently in charge of...

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  • Cecily Wang

    Risk Modeler

    Cecily is well versed in multiple programing languages including Python, R, SQL, SAS and Hive/Impala....

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  • Nicole Houston


    Nicole is an experienced consumer lending operations executive with vast knowledge in consumer and...

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  • Timothy Li


    The CEO of MaxDecisions, Inc., Tim has been the captain of this ship from the beginning and has...

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  • Henry Wang

    Head of Data Science & Analytics

    Henry is a seasoned analytical leader with deep experience in direct mail response modeling and...

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  • Amy Wong

    Director of Finance

    Amy is a seasoned finance executive with years of experience in accounting and financing function...

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  • Wes Ying

    Risk Analyst II

    Wes is a financial analytics hotshot and he is skilled in Data Analytics, Data Furnishing and Credit...

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  • Stephanie Ma

    Risk Analyst II

    Stephanie has solid business and project experience in both small-business and personal lending...

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  • Nancy Zhou

    Risk Analyst II

    Nancy joined MaxDecisions after graduation. She is a seasoned data analyst with 1+ years of systems...

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  • Tanya Hu

    Data Analyst II

    Tanya is a data analyst at MaxDecisions. She has a financial analytics background and experienced...

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