Hi, my name's Luke. I'm a credit risk modeler and a statistitian.

I help lenders to maximize their profit by delivering state of the art marketing analytics and underwriting technology!
Data Geek

We pour through millions of profiles to find the best prospect.

Selection Pro

We have various strategies to select the most responsive clients for your finance products

Modeling Expert

We custom design latest A.I. and Machine Learning techniques to find the customers you need

Experienced Strategiest

We will help you fine-tune your marketing strategy and your remail strategy.

Direct mail marketing is our core competency

We optimize our client's direct mail marketing strategies, work with various data sources and internal modeling experts to produce the best result possible.

Optimal segmentation strategy


Credit bureau partnership


Statistical modeling


Custom landing page


Our latest case studies

We design and develop the latest risk and response models for your direct mail campaigns. Let's chat.

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